The Department of Mathematics maintains a lively scientific environment, bringing together researchers from all areas of mathematics.Extensive activities in basic research are complemented by interdisciplinary projects with other ETH departments and external academic partners, and by collaborations with industry.

People chatting in the Common Room
People chatting in the Common Room

Research groups

The professors of the Department organize themselves into the following informal research groups:

Analysis of partial differential equations

  • Members:Francesca Da Lio, Alessio Figalli, Tom Ilmanen, Tristan Rivière, Joaquim Serra
  • About the group

Applied mathematics, numerical analysis and scientific computing

Data, algorithms, combinatorics and optimization

Geometry, groups and dynamics

  • Members:Menny Akka, Marc Burger, Manfred Einsiedler, Peter Feller, Alessandra Iozzi, Urs Lang
  • About the group

Insurance mathematics and stochastic finance

Mathematical physics

  • Members: Giovanni Felder, Peter Hintz, Mikaela Iacobelli, Thomas Willwacher
  • About the group

Mathematics and teacher education

Number theory and geometry

  • Members:Özlem Imamoglu, Emmanuel Kowalski, David Loeffler, Richard Pink, Sarah Zerbes
  • About the group

Probability theory


Symplectic and algebraic geometry and topology

  • Members: Paul Biran, Ana Cannas da Silva,Sara Kalisnik Hintz, Rahul Pandharipande
  • About the group

Associated institutes and centers

Associated with the Department of Mathematics is theInstitute for Mathematical Research (FIM), an independent unit of ETH Zurich founded in 1964. FIM entertains a visitor programme through which mathematicians from all over the world are invited to come to Zurich for doing research, teaching and exchanging knowledge.

In addition, theInstitute for Theoretical Studies (ETH-ITS), founded in 2013, has an important role in bringing outstanding researchers – mainly in mathematics, theoretical physics and theoretical computer science – for long-term stays to ETH Zurich.

Researchers of the Department of Mathematics are also actively involved in the National Centre of Competence in Research (NCCR)external pageSwissMAPan interdisciplinary research platform dedicated to projects at the intersection of mathematics and theoretical physics, in which ETH Zurich is one of the co-leading houses.

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