The Department of Mathematics offers a wide range of events and activities for children and young people to introduce them to the fascinating world of mathematics.

More STEM education programmes


At ETH Zurich

Treffpunkt Science City
ETH Zurich's educational programme with lectures, experiments, talks, etc

external pagemint & pepper
Workshops, summer camps and holiday programmes for children and teenagers

Computer Science NOW (German)
Computer science course for secondary school girls

Programmes of other institutions

external pageJunior Euler Society (German)
Mathematics club of the University of Zurich

external pageeducamint (German)
STEM programme for children, teenagers and adults

external pageDevelopment of young talent at the FHNW School of Engineering
Projects in technology and information technology for children andteenagers


external pageMathematical Olympiad
For school students under the age of 20

external pageMathematical Kangaroo (German)
For pupils from grade 3 to grade 13

external pageChampionship of Mathematical and Logical Games
For children from grade 3 to adults

external pageNáboj Mathematics Competition
For teams consisting of 5 students that represent their school

external pageMathematics without Borders (German)
For classes in the grade 10 or 11

external pagePhysics Olympiade

external pageSwiss Young Physicists Tournament

external pageComputer Science Beaver Switzerland (German)
For children and teenagers in grades 3 to 13

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