A good solution’s secret

Siddhartha Mishra has been awarded this year's Rössler Prize for his research on solutions for highly complex flow and wave phenomena. He is being recognised for his contributions to faster and more accurate predictions of weather, climate and tsunamis, and for the computer simulations that enable them.

by Florian Meyer
Siddharta Mishra wins the 2023 Rössler Prize
Siddhartha Mishrea received 2023 Rössler Prize (ALESSANDRO DELLA BELLA)

Siddhartha Mishrais a professor at the Seminar for Applied Mathematics and head of the Computational and Applied Mathematics Laboratory (CAMLab). He received the 2023 Rössler Prize for his research in the field of nonlinear partial differential equations. In addition, ETH Zurich's most highly endowed research prize recognises that Mishra bridges the gap between mathematical fundamentals and their application in research and industry. For example, he has designed robust, efficient algorithms that enable faster and more accurate simulations of nonlinear partial differential equations on supercomputers. These simulations pave new ways to solve real-world problems in research areas such as astrophysics, solar physics, geophysics, climate dynamics, and biology.

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